World War III. Havia already been written

when everyone thought that the next world war, as heard Armageddon, the mother of all wars was gonna happen in the East, the tortilla has given a return, but there is nothing new, the visionaries of the past and knew what .. what he had seen in his visions … and I am writing. as show begins with IRLMAIER ALOIS (1894-1959) was born in Bavaria irlmaier dowser, ie had the ability to sense the existence of underground currents of water. 1928 at 34 years began to have visions, he said, he was awake and saw a tear landscapes, rays, figures and people living and dead. during his life was dedicated to working with the police in solving murders and disappearances, as well as to help people unselfishly, born and died poor. 3 irlmaier saw the outbreak of World War following the murder of the third protohombre, and toxin weapons would be used and Europe would be invaded by Russia. “When World War breaks out in March, the month of March will be such as farmers and farm the valley is amarillo.a avena.el war preceded a fruitful year with much wheat and lots of fruit. in the southeast, two men cargo.los matam the third highest paid is a short man and black, the other somewhat more grnade, skin seems to be in the Balkans, but I can not say exactly. after the murder, war is triggered noche.los murderers escape, but then comes the rain clearly polvo.veo three digits, two eights and a it mean I can not say a date. sol.viene empiezaa put on very quickly, farmers are sitting playing cards at the bar and suddenly seen by the soldiers ventaanas extranjeros.una column is completely black in the east, but it goes very deprisa.veo a 3, but not is if three days, three weeks or three months. the enemy from the east in three columns to break into Germany. I see before me the ground like a ball of sand taking off large numbers of white doves that come from the south to here. and then it rains a linea.empieza amarillosobre a powder that is aniquilada.hacia the golden city up to the city on the Gulf, is what looks like a streak amarilla.sera a clear night when they begin to follow tanks tirarlo.los walk, but those who sit inside are already dead, have been falling negros.alli no longer lives where nothing, not a tree or a bush or a bush, no cattle, no grass, everything becomes withered and black. pie.lo houses remain in this is I do not know and I can not long muere.los raya.quien passes through it that are on this side can not go to another, the Redeemer who are unable to leave. then everything collapses in three columns, you have to go all norte.tiran you carry everything that does not return even one. part of the island of England sink when thrown something from the air and falls into the water rises mar.entonces as a solid piece and it viuelve to caer.lo do not know. three days of darkness darkness acercan.laas triggered a day during a hail will fall guerra.entonces with thunder and lightning and an earthquake will shake the earth, then leave casa.las anyone not burn lights, only candles, electric current is cortas.quien breathe dust suffers a seizure and open the windows, cover with paper negro.las open water become poisonous, as well as all meals are not open master in food cans cerradas.tampoco Glass, who did not run death detiene.afuera dust, many people die. after 72 hours everything is over, but that does not leave anyone out, do not look through the windows, let the candles burn at night creatures will die more humans than in the two wars HAVE EYES AND SEE THAT …!



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